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Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger Case 2400mAh

Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger Case 2400mAh

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iGO’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Case is designed to perfectly fit your on-the-go lifestyle. The lightweight 2400 mAh Battery Case extends the power of your device by 85%, giving you 13 more hours of talk time and the freedom to enjoy full mobility. Simply remove the battery of your phone and replace it with the iGO battery extender for that extra boost to power you through the day. Easy installation and portable charging capabilities make the Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Case a must-have for travel.


-Battery extender simply snaps into your device and provides 85% more battery life

-Soft padded interior increases the level of defense from normal wear and tear

-Charge your device normally with the iGO charger attached: you will charge the backup battery simultaneously with your device’s battery

-Slim, compact for travel with ease

-Convenient snap-on design for easy installation

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